Saturday, January 7, 2012


2011 sent us along with many great blessing, We bought a house and had another beautiful little girl.
Now to wonder what this year will bring. As of Jan 1st John was moved to night shift
in the jail. What a huge adjustment. Its certainly not easy but we are so Thankful he still has a job . He's so strong and would do anything for his little family. I love him so much. He has always been my rock.

We brought in the new year with our family. The best way to bring it in! Counted down, kissed my hubby and girls and felt really old the next morning! Whew i was tired lol Midnight loses its excitement when you get older.

We set our many resolutions.
Mine of course to get rid of this baby weight plus some..
Stress less and find some ME time.
Johns was to get back in his "bootcamp" shape
Get back to school and get his degree.

I also said i wanted to work more on our home, Paint, decorate and organize. We want a fence for our backyard, a screen door for the front door, make the basement into my crafty place and kid friendly. I'm in the works of getting a job for two days a week or so when John is off so we can have extra money for these projects.

Im excited for this new year and hope to complete our many goals.As we watch our beautiful girls grow! Natalie wil be 3 months on the 17th and We are Only a few months away from Baileys 3rd Birthday!

Christmas Blessings

OK its been a little while since Ive blogged. So I guess lets back track! We had a great Christmas! All four of us. It was lots of fun. Bailey really understood the whole Christmas thing this year and Natalie just slept through it all... lol but it was Her First Christmas so we enjoyed it for her.  It was also our first Christmas in our HOME! OUR HOME! I still love saying that. With money tight this year i was actually dreading Christmas and that made me sad. So many blessings and the stress was holding me down. I had to stop and remind myself many times that Christmas was not about the gifts!!

Somebody must of felt my stress or sensed our situation and sent some Cheer. We had a Secret Santa or I like to say our little Christmas Angel left us a gift on our step. It broke me down and hit me hard. Their are so many amazing people out their just looking to help others. Still wish many Thanks to our Little "Rebel" :) You are a blessing to us.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Updating ...again...

 i've been horrible at updating my blog lately, you know that whole having a baby thing really throws you off :) So heres lots of pics

Welcome Natalie Grace

Our Beautiful Natalie Grace entered the world 3 weeks early on October 17th at 5:15 am. Weighing 6 pound 13 ounces, 18.9 inches long.

A big surprise for John and I when the Dr decided to induce me early due to high blood pressure and a killer headache. After hours in the ER and hours in the birthing unit on monitors. Little Natalie had a few drops in the heart rate so they decided it was time. I was induced Sunday afternoon. and Little Natalie was born sunday morning

Thursday, September 22, 2011

33 weeks

Moving along! Well I'm am 33 1/2 weeks and feeling huge already. Cant believe how fast time is flying by. We are starting on the nursery in about 2 weeks, cant wait to get it done! We have already started moving our room around (getting ready for the bassinet) and de-cluttering the house. My motherinlaw is throwing me a baby shower next month! I'm so excited to see friends and family and be able to have some fun. and ofcourse a bunch of cute baby things :)

Bailey has been doing awesome with her potty training! I'm so proud of her we have been diaper free for just over a week now. A few accidents here and there when she gets distracted but overall shes doing amazing! happy to get one bum out of dipaers before we have another! She looks pretty cute running around in her "big girl" undies! She picked out princess

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Feelin Crafty..

Its been so hectic lately and i haven't had time to finish the many projects ive started..(or somewhat started) So i got that urge today to complete like EVERYTHING! lol I dont think i can do everything i want. (some require power tools and my husband thinks pregnant ladies should not use those) haha Anyway. I'm gonna take some pictures and hopefully get these done today and tomorrow hopefully Bailey will go with the flow!

I already have that killer nesting feeling going on. I hope i don't feel like this for the next two months, its wearing me down! I'm ready to complete the babys room (my expensive taste is holding that back a bit DANG IT) lol But I also want to paint like every other room in this darn house. Whew Its exhausting to think about.

So i guess step by step i will get these done, and room by room the house will be done.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

29/30 week bump pictures

I took these pics this past week so they do say 29 weeks. I'm officially 30 weeks today! :)