Saturday, January 7, 2012


2011 sent us along with many great blessing, We bought a house and had another beautiful little girl.
Now to wonder what this year will bring. As of Jan 1st John was moved to night shift
in the jail. What a huge adjustment. Its certainly not easy but we are so Thankful he still has a job . He's so strong and would do anything for his little family. I love him so much. He has always been my rock.

We brought in the new year with our family. The best way to bring it in! Counted down, kissed my hubby and girls and felt really old the next morning! Whew i was tired lol Midnight loses its excitement when you get older.

We set our many resolutions.
Mine of course to get rid of this baby weight plus some..
Stress less and find some ME time.
Johns was to get back in his "bootcamp" shape
Get back to school and get his degree.

I also said i wanted to work more on our home, Paint, decorate and organize. We want a fence for our backyard, a screen door for the front door, make the basement into my crafty place and kid friendly. I'm in the works of getting a job for two days a week or so when John is off so we can have extra money for these projects.

Im excited for this new year and hope to complete our many goals.As we watch our beautiful girls grow! Natalie wil be 3 months on the 17th and We are Only a few months away from Baileys 3rd Birthday!

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